Hello Gorgeous!

Specializing in eyelash extensions, at The Lash Artistry we’ve mastered the art and perfected a unique application method by undergoing multiple training and practice on a daily basis. Lash Artistry is committed to providing the highest quality eyelash extension products. Experimenting with different techniques and products to find the best has been a challenge but well worth it as we are now able to create gorgeous work that produce beauty defining results on our clients. With many different size, length and style options we can fully customize your look to make you one of a kind!

Lash Master
Lash Artist:
Trained in proper care and perfecting their skills in the art of lashing, our lash artists offer discounted lash service rates to continue to advance their speed.

Lash Master:
Advanced in the art of lashing. Our Lash Masters are the most experenced, most requested and can demonstrate speed lashing.